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Welcome to Grade 3

My name is Mrs. Payter and I'm excited to be teaching grade 3 this year! This is my 3rd year teaching at Lamont Elementary. I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to be working with your child and look forward to teaching your child this year!

Below I have included some more information about homework, quizzes/tests, spelling, home reading, and how we will communicate between home and school this year. 

Being sent home is also a parent survey form that I would like you to fill out and return by Friday, September 6th. This document allows me to know more about your child so that they can have a successful year!


For this year there won’t be much homework sent home, unless a student is unable to complete the given assignment within class time. I want to make sure students have lots of class time to complete assignments so that they understand the concepts covered and that if they do have to take it home then they know exactly what to do. 

As for quizzes and tests, you will get a minimum of a week’s notice for both tests and quizzes. There will be a note in the agenda along with a detailed study guide for practice. There will also be some class time to review for tests. 


Spelling will start the second week of school. Spelling lists will be given out on Mondays (the list will be in your child’s agenda) and the test will be on Friday. Students will have time in class each day to practice their spelling words, and practice at home is also encouraged. The test will then be on Friday, which will be on their “Look What I Learned”. 


We will be doing home reading this year, which we will start the second week of school. Students will be able to check out books on their scheduled day. There will be a reading log that will be sent between home and school where students will record what book they’re reading and for how long they’ve read. Students are encouraged to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night. 


Students in class will have a 3 tier system. The first time they misbehave they’ll have a warning/reminder of what the appropriate behavior should be, but if they continue the poor behavior they’ll be sent into the hallway for a few minutes to collect their thoughts before having a conversation and reentering the classroom. If a warning, and having some time to cool down doesn’t work and the behavior continues, then they will get a note sent home or a phone call will be made. 


I believe that an excellent parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum student success. There will be a variety of ways to communicate between both home and school.

First is the agenda. Important forms and information will be sent through your child’s agenda. This will be the place where your child will write about any upcoming quizzes or tests coming up. Study guides will be provided and be in the pocket of their agenda. Any quick questions or concerns you have you can write a quick note in the agenda. I will be checking them daily, and will be able to respond promptly. 

Secondly, this year we will be doing ‘Look What I Learned’, which will be sent out every Friday. This document will include the student’s spelling test, and a few Math questions from the current unit. This will allow you to see how your child is doing in regards to the learning outcomes. It will also include a quick review of what’s going on in our class within the other subject areas, and any important dates that will be coming up. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me by either calling the school at: 780-895-2269 or email me at 

Alexis Payter